Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blocking advertisements with Firefox

Don't you just hate it when your page blows up with ads, pop-up ads, and all those flash video ads? Well, there is a great solution for Mozilla Firefox users out there Called Adblock Plus. That Adblock Plus does is prevent the ads from loading on your page, presenting a cleaner less contested look on your page. Just on Google search pages, the entire right hand column is gone as they are all advertisements that are paid for if you use AdBlock Plus, without it, you will see countless numbers of advertisements there. That is just one example.

Firefox with Adblock disabled for a Google search for dog food
Social Networking sites are littered with ads as well. Some of these ads can have malicious content. My Experience working in a cooperate environment shows that people often click on ads accidentally and they can have malicious content resulting in virus infection of your machine. I have analyzed countless machines Internet history and traced an infection to an advertisement of some kind that sneaks through with malicious content. So, this can also help protect you in ways that you might not have though of.

Firefox with Adblock enabled for a Google search for dog food

Preforming a Google search for ' add-ons ' and the first results yields the Mozilla Fireflx add-on page. Off to the left click on ' popular ' and its the very first add-on on the list. All you have to do is install it from there.

There will be a little stop sign in the lower right corner of your page. That's where it lives by default. You can also go into the Firefox menus and under options then toolbar layout you can drag that icon somewhere else like up top somewhere . Mine actually lives in the upper right corner of the page, thus allowing me to close the add-on bar.

The Adblock Plus direct link is here.

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